Hackers compromised cash registers at campus dining locations at the University of California, Riverside to hijack credit and debit card numbers.

How many victims? 5,000.

What types of personal information? Cardholder names, card numbers, expiration dates and encrypted versions of debit card PINs.

What happened? It is not clear how the hackers were able to compromise the registers.

What was the response? People who used their credit or debit cards at UC Riverside Dining Services locations from this past summer through Nov. 16 are being advised to monitor their credit card activity and report any fraud. The college has set up an information hot line.

Quote: "We are doing everything we can think of to notify people." Vice Chancellor Gretchen Bolar said.

Source: UCR Newsroom press release, "UC Riverside experiences a credit/debit card security breach," Nov. 29, 2011.