Adobe on Monday issued an advisory for seven critical vulnerabilities in its web design and development platforms, ColdFusion and JRun.

The vulnerabilities, which affect ColdFusion versions 8.0.1 and earlier, and JRun 4.0, could result in user accounts or an affected system being compromised.

“Adobe is not currently aware of any exploits in the wild for the security vulnerabilities fixed in this release,” according to an Adobe Product Security Incident Response Team blog post.

Several cross-site scripting bugs in ColdFusion could potentially lead to code execution. Other bugs in ColdFusion addressed in the update could lead to information disclosure or privilege escalation, Adobe said in its security bulletin.

In addition, issues with the management console for JRun could potentially lead to information disclosure or code execution.

In July, Adobe fixed a zero-day vulnerability in ColdFusion, which was being used to compromise ColdFusion websites.