Money Mart, a money services firm with 250 locations in the US, has rolled out a browser-based real-time monitoring and centralized event management application in a bid to maximize network security and help meet regulatory compliance laws.

The firm selected the newly released eIQ SystemAnalyzer 3.1, performance monitoring tool for asset, risk and event analysis and reporting across its national network.

"The real-time monitoring and reporting of security and compliance information would be extremely cumbersome it wasn't for eIQnetworks' SystemAnalyzer," said Rod Young, system administrator at Money Mart.

He added that the monitoring system automatically provides the IT department with the crucial information that it needs to pass over to the firm's finance division to meet strict compliance regulations as well as its own internal reporting policies.

"We are also able to closely monitor security, reviewing reports and evaluating a number of parameters, all while ensuring our network system is operating at optimum performance," Young said. 

The browser-based agentless system conducts real-time monitoring of processes including CPU usage, memory usage, disk I/O and much more from Windows, UNIX and Linux hosts. It also features a risk manager module designed to identify which Windows machines are not up-to-date with appropriate patches.

The system's alerting functionality is designed to identify in real-time which users are causing failed logon attempts, while its analysis module identifies unauthorized and failed log-ins and errant users.