Apple on Monday issued security updates for its macOS operating system, macOS Server, and iCloud for Windows products, fixing 67 vulnerabilities.

The latest major release of macOS – version 10.13, aka High Sierra – rectifies 43 bugs affecting the following features: Application Firewall, AppSandbox, the Captive Network Assistant, CFNetwork Proxies, CoreAudio, Directory Utility, file, Heimdal, IOFireWireFamily, Kernel, libc, libexpat, Mail, Mail Drafts, ntp, Screen Lock, Security, SQLite, and zlib.

Meanwhile, the newest iteration of macOS Server, version 5.4, has addressed a read or write overflow and a separate read overflow in FreeRADIUS by updating the open-source RADIUS server to version 2.2.10.

And the release of iCloud of Windows 7.0 fixed a memory corruption issue in the SQLite library, and 21 flaws in WebKit, including memory corruptions, cross-site scripting scenarios, the mishandling of web browser cookies, and an inconsistent user interface issue that could lead to address bar spoofing.

According to a US-CERT notification, remote attacker can exploit some of these vulnerabilities "to take control of an affected system."