Apple yesterday released software updates for five of its offerings: Safari, ioS, watchOS, tvOS and Apple Support for iOS.

The company fixed three vulnerabilities in Safari 12: a logic issue that could enable a malicious website to exfiltrate autofilled data (CVE-2018-4307), an error that prevents users from deleting their browsing history if their visits involved redirect chains (CVE-2018-4329), and an inconsistent user interface issue that could result in user interface spoofing upon visiting malicious websites (CVE-2018-4195).

For iOS 12, Apple addressed 16 vulnerabilities found in multiple components; namely, Accounts, Bluetooth, Core Bluetooth, CoreMedia, IOMobileFrameBuffer, iTunes Store, Kernel, Messages, Notes Safari, SafariViewController, Security, Status Bar and Wi-Fi. The Core Bluetooth flaw, CVE-2018-4330, is a memory corruption issue that could allow an application to execute arbitrary code with system privileges.

The watchOS 5 software was updated to remedy bugs found in the iTunes Store, Kernel, Safari and Security components, while tvOS12 was improved to fix problems discovered in the software's Bluetooth, iTunes Store, Kernel Safari, and Security elements.

Finally, Apple repaired a vulnerability in Apple Support 2.4 for iOS 11.0 and later by adopting HTTPS for the transmission of analytics data. When only HTTP is used, attackers with privileged network access could potentially intercept the data when it's sent to Apple.