Apple yesterday released software updates for seven of its products, fixing a broad range of vulnerabilities.

Altogether, the company addressed 51 flaws in iOS, 38 in macOS Mojave, 36 in tvOS, 20 in iCloud for Windows, 20 in Safari, 18 in iTunes for Windows and one in Xcode. Some of the vulnerabilities overlapped between these products.

Patched components or features included: AppleGraphicsControl, Bom, CFString, configd, Contacts, CoreCrypto, Exchange ActiveSync, FaceTime, Feedback Assistant, file, Foundation, GeoServices, Graphics Drivers, iAP, IOGraphics, IOHIDFamily, IOKit, IOKit, iTunes, Kernel, SCSI, Mail, Messages, Notes, PackageKit, Perl, Power Management, Privacy, QuartzCore, ReplayKit, Safari, Safari Reader, Security, Siri, Time Machine, TrueTypeScaler, WebKit, Wi-Fi, Windows Installer and XPC.

Depending on the specific vulnerability, consequences of these various bugs included code execution, escalation of privileges, information disclosure, denial of service conditions and more.