Intel has released a series of security updates and mitigation recommendations to address recently discovered vulnerabilities in four of its products, including two high-severity flaws.

The Santa Clara, Calif.-based chip maker patched its Intel Media SDK product to fix CVE-2018-18094, a high-risk vulnerability in versions 2018 R2.1 and earlier that could allow authenticated users with local access to escalate privilege.The flaw is the result of improper directory permissions in the SDK's installer.

The other high-level vulnerability, CVE-2019-0163, consists of insufficient input validation in system firmware for its Broadwell U i5 vPro product. Now fixed with version MYBDWi5v.86A, the problem could enable authenticated users with local access to escalate privilege, cause a denial of service or trigger information disclosure.

Intel also fixed a medium-level escalation of privilege bug in its Graphic Performance Analyzer for Linux, versions 18.4 and recommended best practices for mitigate a low-risk information disclosure vulnerability found in some microprocessors with virtual memory mapping.