U.S. Chief Information Officer Tony Scott Tuesday hinted his office may be working to help guide federal agencies to adopt “bimodal IT” to balance modern IT with old but necessary systems.

Gartner defines the practice as “managing of two separate, coherent modes of IT delivery, one focused on stability and the other on agility."  

Scott said during a keynote at VMware's Public Sector Innovation Summit in Arlington, Va,. that CIOs want “to do innovative things,” such as leveraging the cloud and virtualization while still using the old legacy systems that run the agencies, according to the online news site FedScoop.

He said his office is working on what bimodal operation of IT is going to look like both within the IT of an organization and within the agency on the program side to ensure “a productive and useful and as-rapid-as-possible transformation,” the publication said.

Scott said that he is not ready to announce any big new programs at the time, according to FedScoop