Home security product manufacturer Ring reportedly made changes to its smart doorbell system last January after learning that the product's app was not automatically logging off users from their accounts after they changed their passwords.

Prior to the fix, former house occupants who never logged out of the system would still have access to the doorbell's video monitoring feed, even after the credentials were changed, thus threatening the privacy of the current residents and primary Ring users, according to a May 11 report from The Information.

In a recent interview with The Information, Ring CEO Jamie Siminoff said the doorbell system now kicks users off the app once a password is changed, but not immediately. Siminoff also said the company was lowering the amount of time it takes for the process to take hold to an hour, but The Information reporter Reed Albergotti noted that it took longer than that when he tried it himself.

Ring, which was acquired by Amazon last February, provided additional comments to Engadget, stating that its team "is taking additional steps to further improve the password change experience" and recommending that customers "never share their username or password. Instead, they should add family members and other users to their devices through Ring's 'Shared Users' feature. This way, owners maintain control over who has access to their devices and can immediately remove users."