By Marcos Colon

A new study suggests that most Americans strongly disagree with Congress’s recent vote that repealed the Federal Communication Commission’s broadband privacy rules.

Conducted by Comparitech, which reviews and tests consumer tech products, the survey polled more than 1,200 Americans on the topic and found that 92 percent of respondents are against the decision to gut the internet privacy rules, according to a full report by SC Media.

On March 28, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to lift the FCC restrictions and allow internet service providers to share and sell their customers’ data to advertisers and other third parties without their consent. President Donald Trump signed the decision into law on April 3.

Although most respondents are against the move, according to the study more than half of the respondents weren’t aware of the bill. Major ISPs such as AT&T and Comcast were in support of the ruling.