Fortinet announced that it ceased operations within Russia, including company sales, support, and professional services, but will "continue to support our employees in Russia who are being unwillingly impacted."

Fortinet pointed to the events in Ukraine and affected regions tied with the Russian invasion, stating that the safety of employees, customers, and partners in the region and around the world remains a top priority and that the company is committed to supporting Ukrainian team members and customers.

“Like many around the world, we are watching what’s happening in Ukraine with great concern and as a result are compelled to take action," said Fortinet CEO Ken Xie in a released statement. "We regret the impact this will have on our employees, partners, and customers who are adversely impacted by the actions of the Russian government."

The company is working with customers and governments worldwide to help defend against Russian cyber attacks and is actively collaborating across a global network of NGO, industry, and public sector organizations in efforts to secure people, devices, and data everywhere, the announcement noted.  Fortinet is among a number of companies providing technology solutions and sharing the latest threat intelligence in support of efforts to counter Moscow.

Fortinet also launched an enhanced employee matching financial contribution campaign for all employee contributions to NGOs that are directly aiding the effort in Ukraine.