A version of the social media mobile app Facebook Lite, most likely available via third-party sites in China, was found infected with malware that can steal personal information, Malwarebytes reported on Monday.

The app, which is a low-bandwidth version of Facebook designed to work more optimally with low-end phones and poor wireless connections, contains malware that was detected as Android/Trojan.Spy.FakePlay, according a Malwarebytes blog post. To perform its malicious activity, the malware uses the malicious receiver "com.google.update.LaunchReceiver" and service "com.google.update.GetInst", both of which are deceivingly named to look related to Google Update.

Aside from stealing information, Spy FakePlay also installs additional malicious apps, the blog post continues. Noting that the infected version of Facebook Lite contains Chinese characters in its code, Malwarebytes recommended in its report that mobile device owners download Facebook Lite only from the official Google Play store.