Security careers: Me and my job

How do you describe your job to average people?
Ensuring secure access for all UNFPA entities worldwide, aligned with the business needs of the agency. I also emphasize that there are times when these two pieces of the puzzle – the need for secure access and the business needs of the agency – conflict (hence the term “alignment”).

What do you think needs more attention?
The threats being developed through the use of botnets. Most botnets are controlled by criminal entities, some of them in league with governments. These are used for monetary gain or the political agenda of that government when required. We will require an international body to address the criminal activities of these threats, and also to determine how to punish those in league with these entities.

What security threats are overblown?
Over the past year, detailed studies have been made showing that the internal network threat is not as broad as once suspected. This has caused a realignment of the policies used against internal entities. But the use of these internal threats by external entities is still a real threat.

What annoys you?
Lack of understanding on what corporate security really means. Many times security is viewed as a policy, instead of the posture presented to the world. When you manage a complex, global network, a significant portion of your time has to be spent staying one step ahead of internal and external threats.

Of what are you most proud?
Having no network security breach or virus propagation for three-plus years.

For what would you use a magic IT security wand?
To achieve what Rodney King once said: “Can't we all just get along?” Many threats have moved beyond typical hacker activity and into the area of criminal government agendas. The threats are no longer just computer-geek hackers.

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