In medical terms "stress" is a state of physiological imbalance in the body which has unpleasant emotional and cognitive components. Stress is caused by "stressor" and stressor is something that threatens one’s safety or well-being.

 In reality, stress is what the doctors say you have when they cannot find the real reason of your illness. We are told that when everything is going wrong, we should reboot and start over. Or does that only apply to computers? Let’s be like zebras that don’t get ulcers and learn how to handle stress positively while managing the high demands of being a security professional.

We have seen many times that in the event of a breach, a CISO would either lose their job or receive an official warning. The job stress and fatigue are real and are intensified by the global cyber security skills shortage and the increasingly dangerous threat landscape. Therefore, as I like to say ‘advanced stress protection’ is what security professionals need today to protect themselves from advanced persistent stress. It might sound obvious that if we are experiencing pain, we would seek to heal it. But most of us live through the pain of stress and carry on, hitting our head against a brick wall thinking that if we ignore the pain, it will just go away. There’s going to be stress in life but it’s our choice whether to let it affect us or not. Learn to have fun amid the angst that is going on.

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