Planet cloud: Keys2Day Real Estate Team and InfoStreet
Planet cloud: Keys2Day Real Estate Team and InfoStreet
Deployment went smoothly

The deployment of the solution by Keys2Day sailed through, says Saunders-Keys. “We were very pleased. Actually, the product is not meeting our expectations, it's exceeding them. We're very happy with the day-to-day operation, and if we ever have questions, InfoStreet is right there.”

In addition, the new installation assists the company with its compliance requirements.

“We're already talking with InfoStreet about incorporating other applications, such as web conferencing,” she adds. “This will allow us to reach out to our client base in a whole new way.”

“We are certainly concerned with the rise in cyber infiltration.”

– Syreeta Saunders-Keys, owner, Keys2Day Real Estate Team

And, she believes the solution adds a level of trust, both for her staff and the company's clients. “We are certainly concerned with the rise in cyber infiltration,” she says. “Our clients entrust sensitive information to us and we aim to keep it safe. We're confident in Info-Street being a secure platform.”

When asked what differentiates the solution from the competition, InfoStreet's Thomas responds, “Very simply, access control. With our system, every application is provisioned based on what the administrator for the company chooses that each individual needs. The sales team may need our customer-relationship management (CRM) module. However, an outside consultant may just need access to the file-sharing area. In both cases, the administrator, in just a few clicks, establishes a custom environment to fit the users' unique needs.”

Further, updates to InfoStreet apps are free. The company enables them for all users and provides a one-week alert notifying of the enhancements, he says. Since the software is in the cloud – and not on a local machine – nothing has to be done by the user.

“We're just happy that we've found this solution with this particular company,” says Saunders-Keys. “They are truly everything they say they are and more. This is a cost-effective solution with big benefits. As small business operators, we've heard every promise you can imagine about the better mousetrap.”