What We Don’t Know Will Hurt Us – Cheryl Biswas – BTS #26

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1. What We Don’t Know Will Hurt Us – Cheryl Biswas – BTS #26

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Cheryl Biswas
Cybersecurity Analyst

Cheryl Biswas is a Threat Intel Specialist from Canada. She gained initial access to InfoSec through a helpdesk backdoor, pivoted into roles for vendor and change management, jumped a gap into privacy and DR/BCP, then laterally moved into security audits and assessments. Following her keen interest in geopolitics and tech led her down many rabbitholes to cybersecurity. She loves to ask “what if” which has led to researching APTs, botnets, ransomware, software supply chain compromise, and the risks to critical infrastructure. Cheryl shares her passion and knowledge as a conference speaker and volunteer, mentors those entering the field, and encourages women and diversity in Infosec through the “The Diana Initiative.”


Principal Security Evangelist at Eclypsium
CEO at Alford and Adams Consulting