Application Security Weekly #216

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1. How NVIDIA Uses AI to Address Cybersecurity Challenges – Jason Recla – ASW #216

Cybersecurity is a data problem. Accelerated AI enables 100 percent data visibility and faster threat detection and remediation. Find out how NVIDIA used AI to reduce cybersecurity events from 100M per week to up to 10 actionable events per day, and accelerate threat detection from weeks to minutes.

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Jason Recla
Jason Recla
Director of Information Security, Security Operations, and Compliance at NVIDIA

Jason Recla is a senior director at NVIDIA responsible for the global Information Security program, from policies and awareness to compliance, security operations, and incident response. Cybersecurity leader with more than 20-years of practitioner experience that ranges from managed security services and offensive security consulting and auditing to security strategy, architecture, and enterprise cybersecurity planning and program development.


Mike Shema
Mike Shema
Security Partner at Square
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