Better for Everyone – Business Security Weekly #93

This week, Michael and Paul interview Gary Berman, CEO of Cyberman Security and Author of "CyberHero Adventures"! In the Article Discussion, Michael and Paul discuss the power of leaders who focus on solving problems, always waiting for and trusting the question, what someone learned from 5 years at Gartner, & how “Urgency bias” is killing your productivity. Full Show Notes:   Visit for all the latest episodes!   Visit https://www.activecountermeasures/bsw to sign up for a demo or buy our AI Hunter!!   ?Visit our website: ?Follow us on Twitter: ?Like us on Facebook:

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1. Gary Berman, Cyberman Security –

Gary is the CEO of Cyberman Security and refers to himself as, "the most reluctant cyber security person in the world" given that his 25-year career has been as a thought leader in marketing communications in general and in market segmentation in particular.

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Michael Santarcangelo
Michael Santarcangelo
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Paul Asadoorian
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