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Things Change – BSW #163

This week, we welcome David Sherry, Chief Information Security Officer at Princeton University, and Tara Schaufler, Information Security Awareness and Training Program Manager at Princeton University, to discuss Rapid Cultural Change of Security on the Princeton Campus! In the Leadership and Communications segment, Why 67% of companies fear they can't sustain privacy compliance, How Using An Old School Paper Planner Changed My Life, How to attract top talent in a competitive hiring market, and more!

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1. Zero to Sixty: Making Security Programmatic and Cultural – David Sherry, Tara Schaufler – BSW #163

Our presentation in Orlando will be the rapid cultural change of security on the Princeton campus.


David Sherry
David Sherry
Chief Information Security Officer at Princeton University

David Sherry serves as the Chief Information Security Officer for Princeton University. He leads the Information Security Office, which has responsibility for security architecture, engineering, operations, risk assessment, compliance, business continuity, disaster recovery, and awareness and training. David has over 25 years in information technology, with the last 20 solely focused on security, and has led security missions in several verticals before arriving in higher education twelve years ago. He has an MBA and two security certifications, and is an active participant in the nationwide higher ed security discussion. A lifelong resident of New England, he moved to the Princeton area in 2016, and he’s working hard to teach his staff the Boston accent.

Tara Schaufler
Tara Schaufler
Information Security Awareness and Training Program Manager at Princeton University

Tara Schaufler is the Information Security Awareness and Training Program Manager at Princeton University. Tara has been at Princeton for 15+ years and has spent the last eight focusing on training and technical communications. Over the past three and a half years she has built a robust security awareness and training program from the ground up. Some projects she tackled included: reconstructing Princeton’s Information Security Office’s website; creating a virtual phish bowl to share current phishing attempts; crafting a new departmental logo; creating games and events to increase engagement with the campus community; and producing and teaching information security classes and communications for end users on a variety of topics. Tara is a member of the HEISC Awareness and Training Working Group and a Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC). Tara holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in the social sciences and a Master of Administrative Science degree.


Matt Alderman
Matt Alderman
Executive Director at CyberRisk Alliance
Michael Santarcangelo
Michael Santarcangelo
Founder; Catalyst at Straight Talk
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