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A New Paradigm: Immutable Security – Om Moolchandani – ESW #192

Learn about a new paradigm dubbed immutable security. What is immutable security? Why has it become more important than before? Infrastructure is being build and deployed with code, hence we can use this to our advantage and build security in from the start as we've always intended! This segment is sponsored by Accurics.

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Om Moolchandani
Om Moolchandani
CTO at Accurics

Om is co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Accurics where he sets the technology strategy for the company. Prior to Accurics, Om was Chief Security Officer at AutoGrid, leading cloud security for its Energy SaaS cloud. Om was also head of cybersecurity for General Electric’s Industrial Cloud and Edge platform, Predix. He built edge, cloud and ICS cybersecurity products to protect critical infrastructure and industrial clouds. Om is an inventor at heart and has been a key contributor to multiple technology startups including CipherCloud where he architected the world’s first Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB ) product. Om holds a Masters and a Bachelors in Computer Applications from University of Technology in India, a specialization in Business Strategy from Harvard, and a specialization in IoT Business from MIT-Sloan. He also holds several specializations in cybersecurity and is a lifetime member of ISACA.


Paul Asadoorian
Paul Asadoorian
Founder at Security Weekly
John Kinsella
John Kinsella
Co-founder & CTO at Cysense
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