Abe Dababneh, Smoke Inn, LLC. – SG #360

Abe Dababneh is the owner & founder of Smoke Inn, LLC., a retailer of premium cigars, tobacco products and accessories. Abe’s experience in the cigar business is represented by his 23 years as the owner of Smoke Inn®, growing from a single store in Tequesta to one of the largest retail cigar operations in Florida and the country. The Smoke Inn retail chain is now comprised of eleven locations, six wholly owned corporate locations and four licensee locations, stretching from Port St. Lucie to Margate.

Abe has also built Smoke Inn into a strong web-based retail brand servicing cigar aficionados all over the world. Smokeinn.com was started in 2007 and has thrived as a direct result of Abe’s personal involvement and distinct marketing acumen.

Visit: https://www.smokeinn.com/

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Joe Hozempa
Joe Hozempa
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