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Accurics Terrascan, Sophos XDR Solution, & API Security Need to Know – ESW #227

This week in the Enterprise News: XM Cyber Announces Integration with Palo Alto Network's Cortex XSOAR, API Security Lessons Learned, Cycode Raises $20 Million, HelpSystems Acquires Beyond Security, Accurics Terrascan integrates with the Argo Project, Cequence Security API Sentinel 2.0, Seclore Security24 protects sensitive data, Who’s Really Behind the Colonial Pipeline Cyberattack?, Forcepoint acquires Cyberinc, Sophos launches industry’s only XDR solution for endpoint, server, firewall and email security?, and more!

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Paul Asadoorian
Paul Asadoorian
Founder at Security Weekly
  1. 1. XM Cyber Announces Integration with Palo Alto Network’s Cortex XSOAR - "By integrating Cortex XSOAR with the XM Cyber platform, security analysts can receive additional contextual information if an incident should be prioritized because it could be used to create an attack path toward a critical asset. The XM Cyber platform also generates incidents if there is a dramatic change in the company’s security posture,"
  2. 2. API Security Need to Know: Lessons Learned From the Peloton Security Incident - "So what is a security team to do when they are faced with a situation where a security researcher has found vulnerabilities in your business-critical applications. You have 90 days, and the clock is ticking. The answer – shift left while you shield right. "
  3. 3. Cycode Raises $20 Million Series A Round From Insight Partners to Secure DevOps Pipelines and Prevent Code Tampering – Security Boulevard - "Cycode protects DevOps tools such as source control management systems, build systems, registries and cloud infrastructure. The solution addresses multiple layers of security, including access and authorization, security configurations, compliance and scanning engines. This enables customers to identify code tampering, code leakage, hardcoded secrets, Infrastructure as Code (IaC) misconfigurations, excess privileges and more, all from a single platform."
  4. 4. HelpSystems Acquires Beyond Security to Continue Expansion of Cybersecurity Portfolio - "HelpSystems announced today the acquisition of Beyond Security, a global leader in vulnerability assessment and management software. Beyond Security’s cloud-based products enable hundreds of organizations to easily scan their growing, complex environments for network or application vulnerabilities. The team and solutions from Beyond Security will fit into HelpSystems’ popular infrastructure protection portfolio featuring Digital Defense, Core Security, and Cobalt Strike."
  5. 5. Accurics open source project Terrascan integrates with the Argo Project to enhance cloud security – Help Net Security - "Accurics announced that its open source project Terrascan, which enables teams to detect compliance and security violations across Infrastructure as Code (IaC), now integrates with the Argo Project. This integration, coupled with the new Terrascan admission controller feature to enforce CNCF’s Open Policy Agent policies across the software development lifecycle, significantly enhances cloud security as developers adopt a GitOps approach. Argo, an open source GitOps engine for Kubernetes, synchronizes Kubernetes clusters, making it easier to specify, schedule and coordinate the running of complex workflows and applications on Kubernetes."
  6. 6. Cequence Security API Sentinel 2.0 helps orgs strengthen their runtime API protections – Help Net Security - So many organizations need this: "Eliminating API discovery surprises: API Sentinel integrates with your network infrastructure from the edge to the data center to ingress controllers, providing 360 degree visibility and helping eliminate surprise discoveries of APIs deployed outside of a defined process."
  7. 7. Seclore Security24 enables organizations to protect sensitive data and meet privacy regulations – Help Net Security - "The Security24 offering enables organizations to protect sensitive emails and attachments at scale. Sensitive emails and attachments can be automatically protected based on security policies with no user intervention or protected manually by users. Protecting sensitive data when shared or stored in the cloud mitigates the threat of losing it."
  8. 8. Agile Sourcing Partners : and Synack Team up to Provide Utilities With a Solution to Evolving Cybersecurity Threats - “Having served mission critical clients like the Department of Defense (DOD) and Department of Energy (DOE), we’ve seen the tremendous value of a crowdsourced, cyber-offensive capability for the most critically important sectors. Deploying the world’s best ethical hackers to help secure the power grid is simply the best way to stay ahead of the growing threat from cyber criminals and nation-state adversaries.”
  9. 9. Who’s Really Behind the Colonial Pipeline Cyberattack? - "The service organization model employed by groups such as DarkSide is an important trend in ransomware activities that are meant to maintain at least some level of decency making as much money as possible. For example, they do not target certain industries and services such as healthcare. While not specifically targeted toward bringing down critical infrastructure, these attacks are a wake-up call for organizations with related supply chains."
  10. 10. Forcepoint acquires Cyberinc - "Cyberinc delivers intelligent remote browser isolation (RBI) technology that gives administrators granular control that enables them to minimize risk without impeding user productivity."
  11. 11. Sophos launches industry’s only XDR solution that synchronises native endpoint, server, firewall, e-mail security - Stop saying ONLY: "Sophos XDR, the industry’s only extended detection and response (XDR) solution that synchronises native endpoint, server, firewall and e-mail security"
Adrian Sanabria
Adrian Sanabria
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Tyler Shields
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