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Cisco/Splunk Rumors, Canonic Security, Unhelpful Legislation, & Securonix Round – ESW #261

Finally, in the Enterprise Security News, Securonix raises $1B in Vista-led round (it’s like they ate a unicorn!), Salt Security becomes a Unicorn, has not been eaten (yet), Legit Security raises a totally legit $26.5M Series A, Vicarius and Calamu raise Series As

,, KSOC, Titaniam, Canonic Security, Allure Security, and SecureThings all pick up seed funding! We look at Big Tech’s cybersecurity funding and acquisitions, The rumor mill goes nuts over a Cisco/Splunk deal that’s probably not happening (maybe?)

Why are cybersecurity asset management startups so hot right now?

New products, unhelpful legislation, a major acquisition, & of course a few squirrel stories!

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Adrian Sanabria
Adrian Sanabria
Director of Product Management at Tenchi Security
  1. 1. FUNDING: Cyber security company Securonix raises $1 billion in Vista-led round - Surely this is an acquisition??
  2. 2. FUNDING: Salt Security Raises $140 Million Series D Round Led by CapitalG at $1.4 Billion Valuation - UNICORRRRRRN
  3. 3. FUNDING: Legit Security raises $26.5 million Series A to protect software supply chains - TOTES legit.
  4. 4. FUNDING: Vicarius raises $24M to build out its vulnerability remediation platform – TechCrunch
  5. 5. FUNDING: Calamu Raises $16.5M Series A Round to Scale Next Gen Multi-Cloud Data Protection Platform for Ransomware Recovery
  6. 6. FUNDING: raises $6M to make permissions easier – TechCrunch
  7. 7. FUNDING: KSOC Raises $6 Million Seed Round to Definitively Secure Kubernetes - Laziest name ever, but easy to remember and kinda catchy, so I can't hate.
  8. 8. FUNDING: Titaniam Secures $6 Million in Seed Funding as Customer Demand Soars
  9. 9. FUNDING: Canonic Security raises $6 million Seed round for SaaS application security platform
  10. 10. FUNDING: Allure Security Closes $5.3M in Seed Funding – FinSMEs
  11. 11. FUNDING: Cybersecurity startup picks up $3.5 million in funding led by Inflexor Ventures - An India-based automotive cybersecurity startup. Makes sense - cars are full of computers these days and India is the world's 4th largest automaker, behind China, the US, and Japan. It just edges out Germany, Mexico, and South Korea.
  12. 12. ACQUISITION: Akamai to acquire AWS competitor Linode for $900M - AWS competitor? Not even close. Maybe a Digital Ocean competitor. An interesting buy though: - bootstrapped, profitable from the beginning (which was several years before AWS) - 250 employees (yeah, that's right - each employee is valued at $3.5M in this deal) - $100M ARR ($400k revenue per employee is nothing to sneeze at either!) - SMB-focused, which makes the Akamai acquisition a bit of a head scratcher. The stated rationale is "The goal of the acquisition is to provide developers with a distributed platform for building, running, and securing “next-generation” applications", which I'm struggling to translate into anything meaningful
  13. 13. REPORT: CBInsights – Big Tech In Cybersecurity
  14. 14. OP-ED: Vulnerabilities don’t count - Your vulnerability metrics are hot garbage. Andy Ellis knows it and you know it. A great read, full of examples and visualizations.
  15. 15. RUMORS: Cisco Made $20 Billion-Plus Takeover Offer for Splunk - I don't know where this rumor started, but it is absolutely NOT newsworthy that Splunk is in M&A conversations. They're probably having M&A conversations EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE YEAR. Now, if they're in the market for a SIEM, that's generally interesting and newsworthy - but basically everyone on all sides has denied that a deal is happening between the two giants. Or maybe that's exactly what both sides would say if they WERE in more serious, late-stage acquisition talks? Hmmm... If it did happen, it would be the biggest acquisition ever.
  16. 16. TRENDS: Why are cybersecurity asset management startups so hot right now? – TechCrunch - I'm betting Tyler and Katie might have some theories?
  17. 17. LEGISLATION: To protect consumers, Congress should secure the app store supply chain – TechCrunch - Congress means well, I guess.
  18. 18. NEW PRODUCT: Early access to Chrome OS Flex: The upgrade PCs and Macs have been waiting for
  19. 19. NEW PRODUCT: Introducing Passage: Biometric User Authentication Built for Developers
  20. 20. SQUIRREL: Netflix optioned a movie about crypto’s biggest scandal – TechCrunch - Because, of course they did. Same guy that made Fyre Festival and Theranos dumpster fire specials (to be clear, his documentaries aren't dumpster fires, his subject matter is). From now on, I'm calling this category of documentaries, DUMPSTERmentaries.
  21. 21. SQUIRREL: Virgin Galactic opens ticket sales to the general public - $450k tickets to space are now available! What does this get you? - an opportunity to annoy people by insisting you're now an "astronaut" (yes, they actually use this term) - an opportunity to buy an 'Astronaut Edition' Range Rover - a custom Under Armour "spacesuit" - "astronaut" training
Katie Teitler
Katie Teitler
Senior Security Strategist at Axonius
Tyler Shields
Tyler Shields
CMO at JupiterOne
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