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Darktrace & Knowbe4 IPOs, Dell Spins Off VMWare, & Zscaler Keeps Growing – ESW #224

In the Enterprise News for this week, Darktrace targets listing for early May, KKR-backed cybersecurity firm KnowBe4 aims for $3 Billion valuation in U.S. IPO, Dell spins off VMware to fuel post-pandemic PC growth opportunities, lots of funding announcements, and more!

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Adrian Sanabria
Adrian Sanabria
Director of Product Management at Tenchi Security
  1. 1. FUNDING – Backup firm Druva protects data in the cloud with $147M in new funding - This is a Series H! Nearly half a billion raised with a ~$2bn valuation...
  2. 2. FUNDING – Grip Security raises $6M to improve SaaS security – TechCrunch - Looking like a very late-stage CASB, but they're YL Ventures-founded, so they've got to have something interesting up their sleeve with smart backing and the benefits of hindsight. I'm keen to find out more. Also - $6m is what a Series A looked like less than 10 years ago!
  3. 3. FUNDING – HYPR Raises $35M Series C Led by Advent International
  4. 4. FUNDING – Enterprise security platform Intrigue expands attack surface management with $2M round
  5. 5. FUNDING – Cado Security Closes $10M in Funding to Accelerate Adoption of First and Only Cloud-Native Digital Forensics Platform
  6. 6. FUNDING – PlexTrac Closes $10 Million Round to Fuel Growth of Cybersecurity Workflow Platform – PlexTrac
  7. 7. FUNDING – Talon Cyber Security Raises $26 Million to Develop Next-Generation Cyber Security for a Distributed Workforce
  8. 8. FUNDING – Wire closes $21m Series B funding led by UVC Partners · Wire
  9. 9. FUNDING – Open Source Security Management Firm WhiteSource Raises $75 Million
  10. 10. PUBLIC OFFERING – Cybersecurity Firm Darktrace Targets $4 Billion London IPO
  11. 11. PUBLIC OFFERING – Cellebrite to go public via $2.4 billion SPAC deal
  12. 12. MARKET REPORT – Crunchbase: Cybersecurity Research Report 2021 - * Despite the global pandemic, 2020 was a record year for cybersecurity investments with over $7.8 billion invested in the industry globally. * Investment in cybersecurity companies has increased more than ninefold since 2011. * The U.S. recorded 76% of all global cybersecurity funding in 2020, at $5.9 billion. * Israel is the second leading country in the industry – over 20% of the country’s venture funding went to cybersecurity companies in 2020. * 2020 recorded six new cybersecurity unicorns, a record for a single year at the time. Just a few months into 2021, nine new cybersecurity unicorns have already emerged, well surpassing the 2020 record. * In 2021, over $3.7 billion in cybersecurity investments have been recorded globally so far. This is on pace to smash the 2020 record.
  13. 13. NEW RELEASE – Introducing OpenSearch - A new FOSS fork of Elasticsearch and Kibana from AWS
  14. 14. NEW RELEASE – Checkov 2.0: Deeper, broader, and faster IaC scanning - BridgeCrew is already launching 2.0. The acquisition apparently isn't slowing them down much.
  15. 15. NEW RELEASE – Rumble 2.1: Notification Templates, AWS EC2 Enrichment, and Cisco SNTC Exports - No flies on HDM
  16. 16. TRENDS – Digital artists meet scam artists, as criminals pounce on NFT craze
  17. 17. ACQUISITION – The Next Phase of Velociraptor - Popular open source DFIR tool acquired by Rapid7. Metasploit still seems to be going strong after Rapid7 acquired it nearly 12 years ago, so this seems like a positive move.
Tyler Shields
Tyler Shields
CMO at JupiterOne
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