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Dictionary Attacks, SASE Misinformation, & 3 Key Tasks – BSW #210

In the Leadership and Communication Segment, 5 Reasons Why Cybersecurity Should Be A Priority While Planning Your Business, 3 Key Tasks That Help Me Work Way Less and Accomplish More, Everything You Need to Know About Dictionary Attacks, Is Misinformation Slowing SASE Adoption, & more!

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Matt Alderman
Matt Alderman
Executive Director at CyberRisk Alliance
Adrian Sanabria
Adrian Sanabria
Director of Product Management at Tenchi Security
Jason Albuquerque
Jason Albuquerque
Chief Operating Officer at Envision Technologies
Paul Asadoorian
Paul Asadoorian
Founder at Security Weekly
  1. 1. Winning the Cybersecurity Contest - Prioritization, Hand Off to MSSP, Run a Scout Team, Invest in People, Left of Boom
  2. 2. 5 Reasons Why Cybersecurity Should Be A Priority While Planning Your Business - Heh: "Hence, the cybersecurity in your business can: Involve more clients, Form the sustainable loyal clients base, Build the nice reputation, Save money on the new PR company"
  3. 3. Is Misinformation Slowing SASE Adoption? - "SASE is the convergence of networking and security that optimizes access performance, reduces operational complexity and enhances security posture on a global scale,” said Greenfield. “SASE is built on a cloud-native and cloud-based architecture, which is distributed globally across many points of presence (PoPs) and supports all edges of the network."
  4. 4. CIOs lead digital tool transformation, but adoption imperfect - "Digital tools provide value, but there's a gap between what businesses can achieve and the potential of certain tools, according to Dion Hinchcliffe, VP and principal analyst at Constellation Research. "Modern IT solutions have very high leverage and can provide lots of value, if we're using ... some of their more advanced features, which we typically don't train our workers on first,"" - Adoption means people are trained on it!
  5. 5. Cloudflare wants to be your corporate network backbone with centralized management and security
  6. 6. 3 Key Tasks That Help Me Work Way Less and Accomplish More - Prioritize and execute: "Now, I take a slightly different approach, and it has paid off immensely. I focus 70–80 percent of my time each day on my main income stream, and I utilize that other 20–30 percent of my day for other things (which I will describe in more detail in task two below). By devoting only 70–80 percent of my time to my main income stream, I have opened up opportunities to work on other projects. "
  7. 7. $50m ransomware demand on Acer is highest ever - Carnage: "Separately, BleepingComputer’s investigation into the attack suggests that the REvil gang may have successfully weaponised the Microsoft Exchange ProxyLogon vulnerabilities in order to gain access to Acer’s network."
  8. 8. Everything You Need to Know About Dictionary Attacks - CISOs need more practical advice: Two-factor authentication, Password vaults, and making certain developers are using 1) Secure password hash storage and 2) Secure password reset. Make those things a priority, the rest is noise.
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