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DuckDuckGo for Mac, Juniper Networks, Future of InfoSec, & Subpar Products – ESW #269

This week in the Enterprise News: Datto to be Acquired by Kaseya for $6.2 Billion, with Funding Led by Insight Partners, Perforce Software Puppet, Synopsys acquires Juniper Networks, Managed detection and response startup Critical Start lands $215M in funding, Thinking About the Future of InfoSec, DuckDuckGo launches Mac app in beta, How I automated my presence in video calls for a week (and nobody knew), Why Do So Many Cybersecurity Products Suck?

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Adrian Sanabria
Adrian Sanabria
Director of Product Management at Tenchi Security
  1. 1. ACQUISITIONS: U.S. private equity giant Thoma Bravo acquires SailPoint for $6.9 billion - Actually on the smaller size for Thoma Bravo recently. The PE firm picked up Proofpoint last year for over $12B. Folks have been saying for a while that an increase in large PE deals is a sign of a market correction... and we've got a few of them this week.
  2. 2. ACQUISITIONS: Datto to be Acquired by Kaseya for $6.2 Billion, with Funding Led by Insight Partners - $6.2B acquisition by Kaseya - Datto is a 15-year old disaster recovery software vendor. 5 years ago, it was acquired by Vista and taken public 3 years later.
  3. 3. ACQUISITIONS: KKR to Acquire Barracuda Networks - Thoma Bravo acquired Barracuda 4.5 years ago for $1.6B (at somewhere between 4-5x), taking the company private. Since this is a private sale to KKR (another PE firm), we don't know the deal price, but I wouldn't expect it to be drastically different. Barracuda has grown revenue by maybe 30-40% depending on sources, so somewhere around $2-2.5B wouldn't be a total wash for Thoma?
  4. 4. ACQUISITIONS: Perforce Software acquires Puppet – TechCrunch
  5. 5. ACQUISITIONS: Tufin Agrees to $570 Million Acquisition With 30-Day ‘Go Shop’ Option - Tufin has about a month to look for other options, but it looks like they're going the PE route as well, for $570M.
  6. 6. ACQUISITIONS: HelpSystems Acquires Terranova Security to Aid Global Customers in Building Localized Employee Security Awareness Training
  7. 7. NOT ACQUISITIONS: Synopsys acquires Juniper Networks – 2022-04-04 – Crunchbase Acquisition Profile - So, at first glance, this looked like an acquisition and someone updated Crunchbase to make it so. I took a closer look and it seems like Juniper Networks and Synopsys are actually creating an entirely new company that they will jointly own: It's always a bit confusing when Synopsys is in the news for something, because their main business is in semiconductor/chip design, but they also have a large appsec portfolio.
  8. 8. FUNDING: Managed detection and response startup Critical Start lands $215M in funding – SiliconANGLE
  9. 9. FUNDING: Goldman Sachs joins other investors in $88M round for web3 and blockchain security firm CertiK – TechCrunch
  10. 10. FUNDING: Prelude raises $24M to help organizations harden their cybersecurity defenses – TechCrunch
  11. 11. FUNDING: Dfns Raises $13.5M to Build Out Password Protection for Crypto Wallets
  12. 12. FUNDING: HacWare lands $2.3M to expand cybersecurity awareness training – TechCrunch
  13. 13. FUNDING: Malwation raises an undisclosed seed round - Thanks to the Security, Funded newsletter for the hat tip on this one: "a malware simulation platform for testing endpoint protection tools and threat hunting exercises, raised an undisclosed Seed."
  14. 14. TRENDS: U.S. Says It Secretly Removed Malware Worldwide, Pre-empting Russian Cyberattacks - We heard rumors that the FBI had actively fixed some vulnerable Exchange systems a year or so ago, so this doesn't seem totally unprecedented. It's still a bit shocking though. Or is it on-brand for the US? #AmericaWorldPolice
  15. 15. TRENDS: Obsidian Security Releases Industry-First SaaS Session Hijacking Detection Feature to Protect Today’s Cloud-First Organizations - We're in the midst of a CASB 2.0 market trend right now, with more and more startups focusing on security concerns around third party SaaS applications. It appears that Obsidian is going the API, out-of-band route here, which is wise. Few customers back in the CASB 1.0 days seemed comfortable with reverse proxies, forward proxies, or agent-based approaches, all of which could be disruptive and fragile.
  16. 16. TRENDS: The metaverse could be tech’s next trillion-dollar opportunity: These are the companies making it a reality – CB Insights Research - There's a ton of chatter out there about how the Metaverse isn't a real thing, or how it's simply a relabeling of existing companies and technologies. There's some truth to that, but this is the first time I've actually seen someone map everything out and categorize it. How is this relevant to an enterprise security podcast? I believe ALL technology trends are potentially relevant to enterprise security. I'll occasionally include news items that I think are strategically important for security practitioners to start familiarizing themselves with. This way, on the day your CEO or marketing team excitedly suggests getting Oculus Quests for the entire staff to improve productivity, you'll be somewhat prepared ;)
  17. 17. DEEP THINKS: Thinking About the Future of InfoSec (v2022)
  18. 18. NEW PRODUCTS: DuckDuckGo launches Mac app in beta – TechCrunch
  19. 19. HOT TAKES: Defense in Depth: Why Do So Many Cybersecurity Products Suck? – CISO Series
  20. 20. HOT TAKES: ForAllSecure offering $1K to integrate free fuzzer to open source projects -
  21. 21. SQUIRREL: How I automated my presence in video calls for a week (and nobody knew) – Video -
Katie Teitler
Katie Teitler
Senior Security Strategist at Axonius
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