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Google 2FA Cloning, Speed vs. Security, & “Hack The Army” Bug Bounty 3.0 – ASW #136

Significant source code leak from misconfigured repo, side-channel attack on hardware authentication keys, a third bug bounty for the U.S. Army, the cost of poor software quality, the benefits of DevOps approaches to building systems.

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Mike Shema
Mike Shema
Security Partner at Square
  1. 1. Nissan source code leaked online after Git repo misconfiguration - Attackers siphon source due to a SaaS misconfiguration that not only allowed public repos, but used trivial credentials.
  2. 2. New side-channel attack can recover encryption keys from Google Titan security keys - Well written research on hardware authentication keys that provides insights on improving security as well as placing the attack within perspective of practical threat models. Don't worry about the heavy presence of acronyms and check out the paper at
  3. 3. Hack the Army bug bounty challenge asks hackers to find vulnerabilities in military networks - Announced back in November 2020, the bounty program is now live and interesting to watch from the perspective of maturing a bug bounty approach to AppSec.
  4. 4. What is the cost of poor software quality in the U.S.? - Another chance to talk about security budgets, metrics, and security as a dimension of quality. Related to this topic, two recent papers at the Workshop on the Economics of Information Security took an academic look at how breaches raise the cost of capital for companies ( and
  5. 5. 7 Trends Influencing DevOps and DevSecOps Adoption - Whether you take these as principles or prognostication, the type of engineering in these topics benefits from a DevOps approach to software and security.
  6. 6. Navigating the trade-off between development speed and security - Rather than positioning speed and security as polar opposites, consider security as a guide to how fast you could and should be able to build systems.
John Kinsella
John Kinsella
Co-founder & CTO at Cysense
  1. 1. Google’s 2FA tokens can be cloned within 10 hours - If you lose a 2fa token, you should be able to have it disabled ASAP. For many, this might be a "oh I misplaced it" on a Saturday morning, and "I'll get to it on Monday." The takeaway that might be useful to corporations here is "a 2FA token can be cloned within 10 hours" which might give reason to create a policy saying "The misplacement/loss of a 2FA token MUST be reported ASAP and disabled within 10 hours." In reality, if I steal a 2fa token, I'd probably make sure I have the credentials first so I'm ready to roll when as soon as it's in my possession, so I don't fully get the value of this, but if it helps it helps.
Matt Alderman
Matt Alderman
VP, Product at Living Security
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