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How Endpoint Isolation Can Solve the Hybrid/Remote Work Challenges – Jonathan Gohstand – BSW #257

As the world shifted to remote work, then hybrid work, organizations have struggled with legacy technologies to solve the security challenges of this new way of working. But what if you could use the PC platform, coupled with endpoint isolation, to create a highly efficient and productive platform for users?

Jonathan Gohstand from HP Wolf joins Business Security Weekly to discuss the challenges and how endpoint isolation can:

- improve your overall risk management

- reduce the complexity of multiple solutions/agents, and

- improve user experience and productivity This segment is sponsored by HP Wolf Security. Visit https://securityweekly.com/hpwolf to learn more about them!

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HP Wolf Security
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Jonathan Gohstand
Jonathan Gohstand
Director of Technical Marketing, Security at HP Inc.

Jonathan Gohstand is HP Inc.’s Director of Security Product Marketing, which includes sales enablement and channel programs responsibilities. He has over 20 years’ experience in cyber-security, primarily in product marketing and product management roles. He started his career on the customer side working for Chevron internationally, managed an IT reseller in Europe in the 1990s, and helped build out Cisco’s security business as a Director of Product Management. His career includes a security startup (Packetmotion) and consulting for over a dozen companies, including CheckPoint, VMware, McAfee, and numerous startups. Jonathan lives in San Francisco and enjoys running, reading, and kayaking in his spare time.


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