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Inbox: Zero Trust – Ryan Noon – ESW #223

Ryan Noon joins ESW team this week to chat through the significance of recent hacks (namely: SolarWinds and Hafnium), unpack growing enterprise demand for a “digital seatbelt,” and illuminate why Material takes a fresh approach to email security: building products with the assumption that bad actors will successfully hack inboxes.

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Ryan Noon
Ryan Noon
Co-Founder and CEO at Material Security

Ryan Noon is a serial entrepreneur and an expert on cloud security. He is the founder and CEO of Material Security, a company that protects the email of high-risk VIPs and top global organizations. Previously he ran infrastructure teams at Dropbox after it acquired his last company, Parastructure. Before that he helped build a company spun out of Stanford by the Department of Defense. He holds bachelors and masters degrees from Stanford in Computer Science and Computer Security.


Paul Asadoorian
Paul Asadoorian
Founder at Security Weekly
Adrian Sanabria
Adrian Sanabria
Director of Product Management at Tenchi Security
Tyler Shields
Tyler Shields
CMO at JupiterOne
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