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Major BGP Leak, Codecov Attack, Lazarus APT, Discord Ransomware, & GEICO Breach – SWN #115

This week, Dr. Doug talks naughty vaccines, Air frying is not frying, BGP is leaking, Codecov, Lazarus, Google Alerts, Nitro Ransomware, & we're joined once more for expert commentary by Jason Wood!

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Jason Wood
Jason Wood
Founder; Primary Consultant at Paladin Security
  1. 1. China-linked hackers used Pulse Secure flaw to target U.S. defense industry – researchers - "The Integrity Assurance utility can reportedly destroy forensic artifacts, so you should capture memory/disk images before running it to ensure you can conduct an investigation." - - Katie Nickels —— Advisory from Pulse Secure Their XML file disables the following features on the PCS appliance. - Windows File Share Browser - Pulse Secure Collaboration FireEye Blog
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