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Supply Chain Perils, Death by Security Alerts, SolarWinds & BlackHat 2021 – BH21 #2

Derek Johnson will be covering Matt Tait's keynote and another session on major supply chain attacks over the past year and how they're changing best practices in DFIR. Supply chain attacks and software interdependence are creating an existential crisis for the cybersecurity industry

XDR, automation and the growing need to solve the problem of Death by Security Alerts that make things like XDR and SIEM impractical for all but a handful of companies right now.

He will also talk about the SolarWinds lawsuit, because this week they just submitted their formal response in court, and it gets at an issue that I think is becoming more and more important: what if any legal standards or liability threshold should there be when companies with bad security practices get breached?

Finally, we will check in with Derek about what his thoughts are of his first experience at BlackHat!

Full episode and show notes


Derek Johnson
Derek Johnson
Senior Reporter at SC Media

Derek covers the federal government and its intersection with critical infrastructure and the private sector for SC Media. Prior to that he spent three years covering the intersection of cybersecurity policy and government for FCW.


Paul Asadoorian
Paul Asadoorian
Founder at Security Weekly
Doug White
Doug White
Professor at Roger Williams University
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