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The 1000th Unicorn, Island Browser, Optiv For Sale, & Polar Bear Takeover – ESW #259

Finally, in the Enterprise Security News, Island raises $100M to introduce a new Chromium-based web browser, designed for the enterprise, Plextrac rasies a $70M Series B, HackerOne raises a $49M Series E, Tenable acquires BAS vendor Cymptom, Orca swallows up RapidSec (sorry, had to), Cybereason confidentially files for IPO, KKR looks to offload Optiv, Cybersecurity startup trends of 2022, 1000 Unicorns, Infosec Startup Buzzword Bingo, We’ve got fundings, IPOs, acquisitions, take privates, a $3B seed round, legislation that makes sense - all kinds of exciting stuff today, on this episode of Enterprise Security Weekly!

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Adrian Sanabria
Adrian Sanabria
Director of Product Management at Tenchi Security
  1. 1. FUNDING: Cybersecurity co Island exits stealth with $100m funding - Whoa, right out of stealth and it's the biggest funding announcement this week! And the attention isn't undeserved. For the last 2 years, they've been building a Chromium-based browser specifically for the Enterprise.
  2. 2. FUNDING: PlexTrac Raises $70M Series B Funding Round to Fuel Growth in Proactive Cybersecurity Management – PlexTrac
  3. 3. FUNDING: HackerOne Raises $49 Million in Series E - A relatively small round for a Series E, but Bug Bounty Platforms aren't the typical security startup. I still have no idea what an exit looks like for HackerOne or BugCrowd. I don't think a vuln mgmt vendor would want them and I also don't think a pen testing firm is the right fit. Maybe a Verizon, Telstra, Singtel, or AT&T?
  4. 4. FUNDING: Slim.AI lands $31M to make container security ‘easy’ for developers
  5. 5. FUNDING: Network Security Firm Portnox Raises $22 Million in Series A Funding - Out of the blue - I didn't realize Portnox was still 'knocking' around. I'm also surprised that they've apparently been bootstrapped until now?
  6. 6. FUNDING: Post-quantum cryptography provider PQShield raises $20M
  7. 7. FUNDING: Revelstoke nabs $13M to launch low-code SOAR solution
  8. 8. FUNDING: Scribe Security raises $7M to protect software supply chain
  9. 9. FUNDING: Startup Pixm raises $4.3M seed funding round for its computer vision-based anti-phishing software – SiliconANGLE
  10. 10. ACQUISITION: Cengage Group Acquiring Infosec for More than $190 Million
  11. 11. ACQUISITION: Worklyn Partners acquires Quadrant Information Security to expand security services – Help Net Security
  12. 12. ACQUISITION: Tenable Agrees to Acquire Cymptom - Looks like a BAS vendor, which makes sense. Use to find the vulns and Cymptom to validate them. Not quite the answer to Rapid7's Metasploit, but then, Metasploit isn't really an enterprise moneymaker - more of a 'deal sweetener'.
  13. 13. ACQUISITION: Orca acquiring web application security startup RapidSec
  14. 14. IPO: EXCLUSIVE SoftBank-backed Cybereason confidentially files for U.S. IPO -sources - Unsurprising, given the path forged by Crowdstrike and SentinelOne. I'm irritated the S-1 is confidential though.
  15. 15. IPO? EXCLUSIVE KKR explores sale or IPO of cybersecurity consultant Optiv -sources - It was a big deal when Blackstone smooshed Accuvant and Fishnet together to form Optiv - a $1.5B revenue company. Then it got sold to KKR for $2B, and it sounds like it didn't achieve the growth they were hoping for.
  16. 16. TAKE PRIVATE: Citrix Systems to Go Private in Deal Valued at $16.5 Billion, Including Debt - And they're getting combined with TIBCO!
  17. 17. TRENDS: The Complete List Of Unicorn Companies - 1000 Unicorns!
  18. 18. TRENDS: Cybersecurity startup trends of 2022 - 1. Security spend will move to the forefront for businesses in all sectors 2. The institutionalization of ransomware 3. The Great Consolidation is afoot
  19. 19. TRENDS: Infosec Startup Buzzword Bingo: 2022 Edition - Automated, Discover(y), Cloud-native, Engine, Visibility, API, AI/ML, Seamless, Posture, One-click, Powerful, Dynamic, CONTINUOUS, Deep, Accelerate, Simple, Zero Trust, Agentless, Native, Lifecycle, Platform, Accurate, Enforce, Real-time, Context
  20. 20. LEGISLATION: I read the federal government’s Zero-Trust Memo so you don’t have to - Some bold stuff in here! Who is this government, and why are they pushing for rational security controls and strategies? I'm confused.
  21. 21. LEGISLATION: Companies Face Stricter Cyber Rules in 2022
  22. 22. OPINION: The cybersecurity risk to our water supply is real. We need to prepare.
  23. 23. NEW PRODUCT: ‘Zero Trust’ is the guiding principle of Sikur’s latest security-focused smartphone
  24. 24. OPEN SOURCE: OpenSSF Announces The Alpha-Omega Project to Improve Software Supply Chain Security for 10,000 OSS Projects – Open Source Security Foundation -
  25. 25. SQUIRREL: Altos Labs launches with the goal to transform medicine through cellular rejuvenation programming
  26. 26. SQUIRREL: Polar bears move into abandoned Arctic weather station – photo essay
Katie Teitler
Katie Teitler
Senior Security Strategist at Axonius
Larry Pesce
Larry Pesce
Principal Managing Consultant and Director of Research & Development at InGuardians
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