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What’s Happening with SCIM – Paul Lanzi – ESW #275

There are a few IETF standards that make the identity world go 'round. SAML, FIDO and LDAP are ones that we know and love... but there's one particularly un-loved standard that is the glue between most identity systems -- cloud and on-prem -- out there. It's called SCIM and -- good news -- smart people are working on improving this 10+ year old standard. Big changes coming, and here to talk with us about it is Paul Lanzi...

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Paul Lanzi
Paul Lanzi
Cofounder and COO at Remediant

Paul Lanzi, Co-founder and COO of managed mobile and web-focused full-stack enterprise software development and UX teams at Genentech, Roche and Gilead Sciences. Previously, Paul served in project and program management positions at SBC (now AT&T), Posit Science and Genentech, focusing on IT Infrastructure, Information Security (IAM, encryption, policy implementation and change management), mobility and corporate integration efforts. Paul earned his BS with Honors in Computer Science at UC Davis and has held a PMP certification from the Project Management Institute since 2005. At Remediant, Paul focused on internal security and compliance, industry relations and technical partnering.


Adrian Sanabria
Adrian Sanabria
Director of Product Management at Tenchi Security
Joe South
Joe South
Sr Content Creator at CyberRisk Alliance
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