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Why Your Current Security Risk Assessment is Not Effective and How to Fix It – Doug Landoll – BSW #270

Most current security risk assessments are not effective. Doug Landoll joins BSW to explain how we can fIx this. Doug will share 5 Essential Elements of an Effective Security Risk Assessment, including:

- Scoping, Scheduling, and Champions

- Team Structure

- Data and Measurements

- Calculations and Analysis

- Reporting, Presentation, and Tracking

Full episode and show notes


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Doug Landoll
Doug Landoll
CEO at Lantego

Douglas J. Landoll (CISSP, MBA, ISSA Distinguished Fellow) is a recognized leader in cybersecurity with over 34 years
experience in evaluating cybersecurity controls and system
assessments for top corporations, and government agencies.

He is the author of numerous cybersecurity publications
including, The Security Risk Assessment Handbook, Information Security Policies, Procedures, and Standards, and The Physical Security Field Guide. His cybersecurity
publications are used as textbooks in university cybersecurity programs and as reference books for cybersecurity professionals.


Matt Alderman
Matt Alderman
VP, Product at Living Security
Ben Carr
Ben Carr
CISO at Cradlepoint
Jason Albuquerque
Jason Albuquerque
Chief Operating Officer at Envision Technologies
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