Yubico, Tufin, & Venmo – Hack Naked News #223

This week, prevent the impact of a Linux worm, Yubico recalls FIPS Yubikey tokens after flaw discovered, how fraudulent domains hide in plain site, Samsung reminds rabble to scan smart TV's for viruses and makes them forget, and the scraping of millions of Venmo transactions in a privacy warning to consumers! In the expert commentary, we welcome Sagi Bar-Zvi, Strategic pre-Sales Manager from Tufin to talk about Using Automation to Improve Your Overall Security Posture! Full Show Notes: https://wiki.securityweekly.com/HNNEpisode223 Visit http://hacknaked.tv to get all the latest episodes!

Full episode and show notes


Beau Bullock
Beau Bullock
Security Analyst at Black Hills Information Security
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