In the news, Quickjack advanced Clickjacking & frame slicing attack tool, how to fight mobile number port-out scams, the Russians hacked the Olympics, top 5 ways security vulnerabilities hide in your IT systems, and GitHub hit by largest DDoS attack ever recorded at 1.35 Tbps!

Paul's Stories

  1. Quickjack Advanced Clickjacking & Frame Slicing Attack Tool
  2. How to Fight Mobile Number Port-out Scams
  3. Russians Hacked the Olympics
  4. Top Five Ways Security Vulnerabilities Hide in Your IT Systems
  5. Attackers Using Memcached Servers to Amplify DDoS Attacks
  6. GitHub Hit By Largest DDoS Attack Ever Recorded at 1.35 Tbps
  7. Two Thirds Of Organizations Not Prepared For GDPR Right To Be Forgotten
  8. 23,000 HTTPS Certs Will Be Axed In Next 24 Hours Amid Bitter Turf War

Larry's Stories

  1. Bad AI is still AI
  2. Detecting Lateral movement
  3. combine this with even better FB facial recognition...
  4. Bettercap 2.0!
  5. Cert compromises and a bit WTF moment - Also, more findings and WTAF
  6. FUD or REAL: N. Korean malware can jump air gaps
  7. Github DDoS

Joff's Stories

  1. DDoS Rules Again!
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