Marissa Mayer testifies, starting wars by hacking back, hacking fingerprint biometrics, the halfway point of Mr. Robot, and more security news!

Paul's Stories

  1. Ex-NSA Director Says Companies Should Never Hack Back Because They Could Start Wars
  2. Marissa Mayer Subpoenaed To Testify Before Senate On Yahoo Breaches
  3. Mr. Robot eps3.4_runtime-err0r.r00 the security review
  4. Microsoft Provides Guidance on Mitigating DDE Attacks
  5. Eavesdropper Vulnerability Exposes Mobile Call, Text Data
  6. No jail time for botnet creator who promises to go straight
  7. Hackers hired for year-long DDoS attack against former employer
  8. Hacker Distributes Backdoored IoT Vulnerability Scanning Script to Hack Script Kiddies
  9. Hacking a Fingerprint Biometric
  10. Stealthy New PLC Hack Jumps the Air Gap
  11. Vault 8: WikiLeaks Releases Source Code For Hive - CIA's Malware Control System

Larry's Stories

  1. Backdoor in SATNAV systems...used by navy ships?
  2. Don't hack back
  3. When I test my cryptocurrency code, I do it in production with millions of "dollars" on the line
  4. An infused review of Ready Player One
  5. Hacking spirit, building illicit handmade computers in the 80's
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