Well, we are well on our way to getting this whole Skype thing figured out. Our official Schmoocon correspondent Nick gives us the scoop on the Schmoocon conference. Topics include:
  • Paul forgets Larry's introduction (Doh!)
  • Our behind the scenes guy Nick DePetrillo is at Shmoocon
  • Mike Lynn, and his lawyer Jennifer Granick make an appearance
  • Fyodor releases a new version of nmap 3.98-shmoo with realtime user feedback and corrupt tcp checksum tests. It does not appear to be on the website yet.
  • Cisco 0-day ARP flood Cisco Access Points as discussed in our last episode
  • Release of all presentation videos for free
  • Church of WiFi, Renderman presents "hotspotting"
  • DVD of presntation - quality is excellent!
  • Shmoocon attendees enjoy harassing Amway conference attendees (Note: It is only the opinion of the broadcasters that Amway may be a "pyramid scheme". Please form your own opinions regarding their business practices)
  • Lots of VoIP hacking, custom asterisk installations
  • Look for Paul's t-shirt "Bow to My Firewall!"
  • NSA Wiretaps with Jennifer Granick
  • Be sure to check out the online content when it is available. We'll be sure to let you know when it is available.
  • Thanks Nick!
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