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ManageEngine Log360

November 1, 2020

Product title
ManageEngine Log360
Product info
Vendor: ManageEngine, a division of Zoho Corporation Contact: Product: ManageEngine Log360 Price: $3,000
ManageEngine designed Log360 with many pre-configurations and auto-configurations that maximize ease-of-use by completing many of the tasks that analysts would otherwise have to do. Log360 can even conduct a network discovery scan to inventory devices automatically and deliver corresponding records from the start.
This resource-intensive product ran noticeably slower compared to others we assessed. The comprehensive nature of the platform, which essentially integrates seven products into one, poses a noticeable learning curve.
Overall, security pros will find ManageEngine Log360 a powerful but resource-intensive product that manifests the ManageEngine ethos that threat intelligence should combine the strengths of many different sources, not depend on a singular capability.
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