There are a lot of virtual applications, especially security applications, that focus on VMware. And there are some that are hypervisor-agnostic. But this is the only virtual security product of its type exclusive to Microsoft Hyper-V. As such, it is a strong fit for those shops that have or use clouds that are based on Hyper-V.

For the Hyper-V cloud provider with a multi-tenant environment, Cloud Security enables good granularity for the security administrators of the various tenants. Each tenant can manage its own virtual machines, but the extent of that management is controlled by the enterprise administrator. This layered, role-based security is very "Microsoft-ish," and administrators in MS shops will feel right at home.

The product provides a virtual stateful inspection firewall, an anti-virus system and an intrusion detection system. This functionality is tied together in a compact management console with the familiar MS look and feel. The anti-virus engine - Vipre - also has an extension that 5Nine calls Active Protection. That basically is a real time AV service placed on the virtual machine itself. It provides real-time protection while the other AV engine provides scanning. The scanning is incremental so the AV explosion is kept to the minimum.

The IDS is based on Snort and new rules take only a couple of clicks to create. The firewall is a filtering extension to the virtual switch and operates in kernel mode. Because this product is tightly coupled to Hyper-V, there is a lot of functionality that results. For example, there is a plugin for MS VMCenter that allows the security administrator to manage from that.

At a glance
Product 5nine Cloud Security for Hyper-V
Company 5nine Software
Price $499 per two CPU per year.
What it does Provides security in a virtual environment for Hyper-V systems.
What we liked Security tightly coupled to Microsoft Hyper-V.