The ACTAtek combination unit offers biometric security for doors and physical access points. This product uses fingerprint authentication, as well as PIN, HID card, and CMOS camera. This unit also can be outfitted with an integrated IP camera for video monitoring and an RFID reader for tracking assets and people, which make it more than just a fingerprint access device.

We found setting up the system to be simple and intuitive. The solution itself connects to the already existing door-locking device and can be managed either on the unit itself or through a web browser of a machine connected to the same network as the device. We found the web management GUI to be well-organized and easy to navigate. With the web GUI, an administrator can view logs, manage and add users, and track employee check-in and check-out times.

This solution can be used in several ways, including biometric-controlled access to restricted areas, employee time and attendance tracking, and integration via a software development kit (SDK) with payroll and management systems. Several units can be connected and networked together as well. Each unit can communicate with the others, and secondary units send data to the primary unit for logging purposes.

Documentation included several PDF guides. Among these were a quick-start and full manual, as well as other supplemental guides. We found the guides to be easy to follow and easy to understand with many screen shots and configurations.

ACTAtek offers 24/5 technical support at no cost through email and phone. There is also support available on the website.

At a price just under $1,500 for the unit - loaded with the fingerprint reader, PIN and HID readers, CMOS camera, all applicable software and a 1,000-user license - we find this product an excellent value for the money. This device provides full biometric security with integration into many other applications for enhanced security.