Attack surface mgmt

SW Labs | Review: RiskIQ PassiveTotal

April 22, 2021
Product: RiskIQ PassiveTotalCategory: Attack Surface Management
Company: RiskIQReview date: April 2021
  • Splunk (SIEM/SOAR)
  • CRITs (Threat Intelligence)
  • MISP (Threat Intelligence)
  • Maltego (OSINT Gathering)
  • CrowdStrike (EDR, Threat Intelligence)
  • Microsoft Azure Sentinel (SIEM/SOAR)
  • Palo Alto XSOAR (SOAR)
  • SpiderFoot (OSINT Gathering)
  • ThreatQuotient (Threat Intelligence)
  • ThreatConnect (Threat Intelligence)
  • EclecticIQ (Threat Intelligence)
  • Anomali (Threat Intelligence)
  • TruStar (Threat Intelligence)
Adrian Sanabria
Adrian Sanabria
Adrian joined SC Media's parent company, CyberRisk Alliance in 2020. He will focus primarily on cybersecurity product reviews, but will also provide industry insight trends for both SC Media and Security Weekly (another CyberRisk Alliance company). He brings two decades of industry experience, working as a practitioner, penetration tester, and industry analyst. He spent the last few years as an entrepreneur, challenging norms in sales and marketing for a variety of vendors. Adrian loves to cook, eat, hike, play music and regale his teenagers with stories of what the early days of the Internet were like.