Content is an outsourced email service, which also provides protection from spam and all forms of dangerous content, including viruses, scripts, embedded HTML, attachments, etc. It also has email repository. It is suitable for everyone from the home user to the largest corporate customer. And, even though it is based in the UK, it doesn't matter where you are in the World as it works over the Internet. It can also handle your outbound traffic to prevent anyone in your organisation sending out spam or viruses.

To use the service, all you have to do is redirect all your mail to its mail servers. This can be done by changing MX records within your domain registration, but you don't have to be using SMTP and there is an easier way for smaller businesses and home users: simply configure the account, using a web-based wizard, to collect your emails via POP3 from your existing ISP. Then configure your local email client to collect via POP3 from, or simply use its web-mail interface to work with your emails.

All configuration tasks are done over the Internet using a web-browser interface, which is easy to use. You can manage white lists, blacklists, quarantine, etc. You can configure how aggressively it filters out spam, from letting through only those emails from people in your address book to letting through all emails except those from blocked or blacklisted addresses. You can choose to receive notification reports regularly listing quarantined messages, or to let them through with a warning notice attached.

Compared to some in-house solutions, there are limits to how far you can go in configuring the service. For example, it blocks a lot of attachment types and you can't change this, although you can request by email for them to be released on an individual message basis. It also makes mistakes in blocking some attachments, particularly RTF files in our experience, which it regards as suspicious when there is no reason, but these can be released by sending a quick email to support - you can't release dangerous (as opposed to spam) emails yourself through the quarantine manager interface. There is also an individual message size limit of 10MB, and a per-mailbox limit of 100MB. There is no configuration possible with the anti-virus component - you can't even switch it off.

Product title
Product info
Name: (mail security group test) Description: Price: $39.65 per mailbox user per year
: Relieves your servers from handling and storing spam.
: Less configurable than some in-house installations.
: A very good outsourced approach to handling spam and all forms of dangerous email content.

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