Having a laptop stolen can be stressful and demoralizing. But for many well-prepared, security conscious company executives it needn't be. ComputracePlus is an asset tracking software solution that can help to ease the problems associated with this type of loss, it can put control into the hands of the law enforcement officers that are assigned to your case and aid a swifter recovery. There is a high incidence of internal thefts reported with no way of catching the people responsible. But if employees also know that all equipment owned by their employers is easily traced through a solution such as ComputracePlus, many thefts might not occur.

Just being aware of the location of computers, especially laptops, can be a proactive approach to good security as the information stored on many could so easily lead to network intrusion. Computrace Plus provides comprehensive reporting on leased and company-owned property as well as locating stolen hardware. There is also an option that can be added to this service that will permit all data to be wiped if it is threatened by unauthorized access. This can be requested after a theft occurs and, once a connection is made, an agent is downloaded to perpetrate a complete data erasure, which can include the operating system if deemed necessary. The only problem that we foresee here is that a thief who is particularly interested in the data will ensure a full backup is accomplished before connecting the laptop to the internet.

The agents reside on each protected computer and this allows the administrator to view reports from a console. If a laptop is stolen, the database holding the location information can be accessed. Using a small footprint and little bandwidth for communication between laptop and the ComputracePlus monitoring center ensures, along with encryption, that the call is hardly noticeable and can't be intercepted. There are also add-ons for other security solutions from Absolute as well as forensic evidence retrieval facilities for recovered laptops. This service can detect what data has been accessed, if it has been altered or manipulated, or sent to anyone - even reformatted drives that have lost data can be carefully retrieved.