The 4TRESS AAA Server offers scalable authentication and authorization and accounting services. 4TRESS is supported by Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and SQL databases, allowing centralized administration with full distributed authentication of users. The product is capable of managing and securing wireless LANs, as well as remote network locations using strong two-factor authentication policies and practices. We don’t think that there is a token type that this product does not support.

4TRESS invokes the use-on-time password generated from a patented algorithm based on three variables. The product is built around security-rich features and offers the flexibility to be deployed in just about any architecture. The security features include secure web access, secure dial-up, and VPN and Terminal Services, such as Citrix.

From the perspective of the user, this is a very easy-to-use product. Deployment can be a bit tricky, but is by no means difficult. Where you may run into challenges is when connecting to some of the dozens of supported products. We found that, in our environment, 4TRESS performed quite well.

Documentation is good and helpful manuals assist in deployment. There is also an advanced planning sheet to assist the consumer prior to actual deployment. The manuals are well organized and are hot-linked to enable readers to find answers quickly.

Support of 4TRESS involves a maintenance package purchased on an annual basis. This provides the consumer with robust support areas, including updated releases and assistance with network deployments, system integration, directory migration, client upgrades and best practice advice. There is also a web knowledge base to assist users with FAQs. For premium customers, 24/7 support is available. However, standard customers receive 8/5 support.

The basic price is $79, or the package may be purchased in a 25-user kit for $1,990 that includes 25 AAA licenses, tokens and one year of maintenance. This is at the high end of the per-user pricing spectrum.