The AlgoSec Security Management Suite offers a two-piece firewall compliance and management product. The first part is the Firewall Analyzer. With this tool, firewall, router and VPN policy and compliance can be checked and maintained, as well as audited, for possible risk factors. The second piece is FireFlow, which enables administrators to easily automate policy change workflows, as well as run compliance and risk assessments against policy changes.

We found this solution to be quite easy to set up and configure. The initial install takes just a few minutes and is done by connecting to the default IP address of the appliance with an SSH client. This configures network and IP settings. After the initial settings are configured, all further management is done through the web-based interface. We found the interface to be quite intuitive to navigate and to have a clean organized look.

From a configuration and management perspective, once devices are added and assigned to groups, much of the analysis can be done with just a few clicks of the mouse. We found this tool to offer some excellent analysis capabilities, as well as a solid rule analysis engine that allows for deep drill-down into firewall and access rules. The web interface also features many visual aspects, which allow for analysis at just a glance, rather than having to sift through lines and lines of configurations.

Documentation included various PDF installation and user guides. All the guides were well-organized and featured a number of screen shots and step-by-step examples.

AlgoSec offers no-cost access to an online customer portal which contains both product documentation and a full user knowledge base. Customers also can purchase support as part of an annual contract.

At a price staring at $10,000, this solution is a good value for the money. The combination of the Firewall Analyzer and FireFlow offers comprehensive policy and change management capabilities.