The Astaro Security Gateway is a full-featured unified threat management (UTM)-based gateway with some solid web application protection functionality. This tool features reverse proxy technology to protect web servers and applications from threats and data leakage. It can protect applications from common attacks, including cross-site scripting and SQL injection, ensuring that sensitive information stored at the backend cannot be accessed by hackers or data thieves.

With the help of an initial deployment wizard, deployment of this appliance is quite simple and takes just a few minutes. After the product is installed in the network, configuration is all done through the web-based management interface. We found this to be easy to use, as the layout has not changed much from previous Astaro products.

Configuration did prove to be a little confusing at first, though. But, once we got the hang of creating rules and setting policy, we found it has many highly configurable options. Additionally, this tool features many other functions beyond simple web application security, and can become a full secure gateway for the enterprise.

Documentation includes a quick-start guide and full manual. The short quick-start guide provides the steps to get the appliance connected to the network and to access the web GUI. The manual provides in-depth configuration steps in a clear and organized format with many screen shots and examples.

Astaro provides customers with support options through annual contracts. Customers can purchase 12/5 or 24/7 plans with access to technical assistance. Astaro also provides free access to an online area that includes many resources, as well as a knowledge base.

At a price starting around $1,275, before module license costs, we find this appliance to be a solid value for the money. The Astaro Security Gateway provides a high amount of configurability with many functions and features.