Avenda eTIPS 5000 Series v3.0 is an all-in-one appliance platform that centrally manages identity-based and endpoint device authentication using network access control (NAC)/network access points (NAPs) for wired, wireless and VPN networks. eTIPS is an out-of-band architecture that ships as a 1U or virtual machine appliance.

The tool installs with some simple base configurations required to get the device talking on the network. Once the appliance is set up on the network, the user interface is very easy to use, and we saw no issues with quickly navigating to the required areas for configuration, management or reporting. Setting up access to LAN devices can be accomplished via either SNMP, RADIUS or TACACS+. Comprehensive support for guest, employee and temporary user rules are based on the ability to simultaneously query multiple attributes from separate identity stores. Standard Active Directory, LDAP, SQL database and token-based identity stores are supported.

Endpoint health can be performed by using Windows NAP agents, Avenda's universal agents for Windows and Linux clients, or Avenda's dissolvable agent. Health checks can include things like operating system checks and patch, anti-virus, anti-spam and firewall status.

The tool ships with a full set of capabilities and is licensed for the components users may wish to deploy. Adding additional features and functionality is accomplished through a license key.

Advanced applications are available for guest access provisioning (GuestConnect), audit and compliance reporting (Insight), VPN health checks (Edge) and 802.1X endpoint configuration (Quick1X). Alerting is included with the Insight add-on and is not part of the base product.

Basic 90-day hardware and software service is included. Various fee-based options are available to extend the basic service and this includes both eight hours-a-day/five days-a-week and 24/7 options.