Balbix BreachControl is a cloud-hosted solution that leverages AI technology to help organizations predictively assess data breach risks. The company recognizes that analyzing and improving cybersecurity posture is no longer a human scale problem, so it leverages advanced machine learning to analyze attack surfaces, identify potential gaps, and deliver risk mitigation suggestions. Balbix helps security teams shift to a proactive risk management posture.

The product has a centrally managed portal that simplifies platform management and sensors are distributed across environments for continuous information gathering and analysis, yielding real-time impact visualization and risk scores. Scoring incorporates known vulnerabilities, asset exposure, mitigation impact and asset criticality. Factors contributing to risk scores are highlighted with Risk Insights. AI models develop risk scores by conducting baseline assessments to evaluate breach likelihood and impact based on the criticality of each asset. Breach likelihood is calculated across nine classes of attack vectors. Balbix identifies device owners in automatically generated asset lists. Critical assets are also identified based on event log and network traffic behavior. The result is a real-time risk model using a dependence analysis to rank assets based on business criticality.

Search queries use natural language.There is a button next to populated issues that creates a ticket to simplify investigation follow-up. The search engine is robust and can even identify privileged users by observing their ongoing behavior and activities.

We were particularly impressed with the visual aspects of Balbix and are confident IT professionals will appreciate its dark mode interface features. Dark mode is easy to take for granted until one is forced to work extensively with a product that does not have it. The threat intelligence dashboard incorporates integrations with threat feeds so security professionals can see an environment from a variety of perspectives.

Dark mode alongside the intuitive interface and graphical capabilities, made Balbix BreachControl immediately stand out. Color-coded graphs are updated in real-time and highly interactive. Items coded in grey are “humanized” predictions, meaning the machine learning model does not have enough data to make a definitive risk determination. Simply clicking on different parts of the graphs allows users to drilldown into more detailed information.

Annual subscription pricing is based on asset counts with tiered volume discounts. The number of appliances and traffic analyzer hardware requiredimpacts subscription pricing. 24/7 website support, knowledgebase and FAQs come standard with any subscription. 
Tested by Tom Weil