Beyond Security beSECURE is a flexible, low-maintenance vulnerability management solution that continuously scans for vulnerabilities. This tool is simple and flexible to facilitate risk discussions between security teams and C-level managers.

This platform does not just ingest data, but also comes with both external and internal scanners. Users can choose from numerous pre-configured scans and use various options to configure scans. For example, they can quickly and easily create schedules for automated scans. We had one running within 10 minutes. But we ran into issues while attempting to scan internally using the provided VM. Despite repeated attempts and tremendous effort, we could not resolve this issue and there was no documentation to guide us.

We also found the dashboards rather basic compared to some of the others we saw this month. However, the interface itself is simple to use and has an easy learning curve, so even junior analysts can learn to navigate it quickly. Users will likewise appreciate the customizable, widget-based dashboards that allow them to add as many view categories to the home screen as they desire.

The vulnerability scan results section shows all completed scans, grouped by location, and scan result trends over time. This simple and effective high-level overview includes drill-down capabilities that offer access to detailed information and graphs. Beyond Security has made the vulnerability scan data as accurate as possible. The company takes false positives seriously and views them as problematic as false negatives. Beyond Security, therefore, offers a cash redress to any customer who experiences a false positive.

Users can create exportable reports of vulnerability scans directly in the results section. Various reporting options cover the common views such as remediations and trends, while a report generator allows users to customize reports for themselves. The graphical reports quickly convey critical information so that analysts need not read an entire report to identify the highest-risk vulnerabilities.

Overall, Beyond Security beSECURE is a solid vulnerability management solution with robust automation capabilities and one-click integrations. Beyond Security clearly designed this platform for maximized efficiency, even including a button to retest vulnerabilities, automatically configure scans and assign tickets. This product drastically reduces the manual effort needed to manage vulnerabilities so they can focus on remediation instead.

Pricing starts at $1,500/year and includes 24/7 phone, email and website support. Organizations have access to a knowledge base and FAQ list. beSECURE has a built-in ticketing system and third-party integration support. Additional options are available for a fee.

Tested by Matthew Hreben